Fenwick Science Contest Winners!

Julia M., Staff Writer

January 8, 20181 Comment

Congratulations to Roosevelt Middle School for placing first in the Fenwick Science Competition. The Fenwick Science Contest is hosted by Fenwick High School and 33 schools participated in the 41st year of the junior mid...

Fun Facts about Thanksgiving

Ava M. and Avery M., Staff writers

November 20, 20172 Comments

Fun Facts (Wikipedia and CNN) Americans feast on 535 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving. Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird. Turkeys are known to spend the night in trees. T...

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Make Gingerbread Slime!

Ava M. and Avery M., Staff Writers

December 19, 2017

DIY Stress Ball

DIY Stress Ball

November 20, 2017

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Wonder: A Movie Review

Anja H., Staff Writer

December 18, 20171 Comment

The fans (and the critics) have been eagerly awaiting the release of Wonder, an adaptation of RJ Palacio’s beloved book of the same name. It came out on November 17th, and I am going to tell you all about it. Plot Overv...

Roosevelt’s Book Fair-Something for Everyone

Julia M and Anja H., Staff Writers

November 20, 20171 Comment

Roosevelt Middle School hosted its book fair that took place during the week of October 30 through November 3. There was an assortment of books at varied prices. Graphic novels, Caudill books, and autographed books were all for sale...

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Fun Lunch: A Privilege or a Right?

Mara V., Staff Writer

December 18, 20173 Comments

We all run into the lunch room on Fridays to grab our card and get our lunch, but do we ever think about where all this food is coming? Are our parents paying for this? We...

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So Many Clubs and Activities!

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