The Real Mr. Whitlock

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The Real Mr. Whitlock

Caroline G. and Catherine O., Staff Writers

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Have you ever had a teacher that was super funny and nice but you knew barely anything about? Well, if you do have a teacher you don’t know well, he might be a funny, nice guy like Mr. Whitlock.

  Sometimes your teacher is all serious in class and you do not know what they are like in regular life. We wanted to find out what Mr. Whitlock does at home or other places than school. After thinking about it, Mr. Whitlock decided that his favorite game would have to be Dungeons and Dragons. “It expresses your fun imagination,” he told us. “Have you ever been on an exciting vacation?” we asked. He responded that he had been to San Juan, a place near Puerto Rico. He went there for a getaway with his wife. It sounds like Mr. Whitlock travels to some great places and must have had a fun time. You may wonder what Mr. Whitlock does in his free time, well here you go. Mr. Whitlock likes to read books, magazines, and science information. He also enjoys playing with his three kids Caitlin, Lauren, and Ryan.

   Mr. Whitlock is an interesting guy, so he told us some interesting facts about himself. One is whenever he measures himself it changes. That explains why he towers over us 5th graders! He also loves to play with old toys and action figures from his childhood. He enjoys LEGO’s and probably builds things we can only imagine. Mr. Whitlock likes to read fantasy and science books. Mr. Whitlock became a 5th grade science teacher because he thought it would be an interesting job. He didn’t want to be in an office on his phone or computer all day, Mr. Whitlock wanted a job he could have a lot of fun with. At first he saw a couple movies and shows that motivated him to be a kindergarten teacher. He soon realized that it wasn’t the age he wanted to teach, as they were difficult to control. As a kid, Mr. Whitlock wanted to be an archeologist making new discoveries and digging things up. He also told people he wanted to be a grave digger. As you can tell he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty!

Mr. Whitlock also told us some funny stories about what he has seen being a teacher. “One time, a kid came to school and his younger brother scribbled and partially chewed on his homework!” Another time he was heating water in the front of the room, he picked up a container and POP! It exploded all over him, and then other containers started exploding too!

As you probably know Mr. Whitlock is a joyful teacher, his favorite thing about teaching is interacting with kids and teaching fun things about science to them. Mr. Whitlock says that teaching is relaxing he gets to relax at a school with kids. Mr. Whitlock actually has been teaching for a while that means he has a ton of experience teaching. He has been teaching 21 years in all, 16 years at Roosevelt and 5 at another school. His favorite lesson in science class is a lesson where student describe what they think a scientist is like. He likes to see everyone’s point of views. He also likes the women scientist lesson were we will learn about a couple of women scientists.He also enjoys the awesome flame challenge.

  As you can see Mr. Whitlock is a very interesting teacher to have. He is very welcoming to all the new incoming 5th graders. He isn’t afraid to let his students get to know him better. If you have had Mr. Whitlock, you would definitely understand what we are saying.

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