10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosevelt-Part One

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Roosevelt-Part One

Anna D. and Caroline G., Staff Writers

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Roosevelt is a unique school, a one of a kind. Ever wonder why most middle schools start at 6th grade and Roosevelt starts at 5th grade? Roosevelt is a true middle school, which means it has 4 grades 5-8. Elementary school is 4 grades (not counting kindergarten), high school is also,  and college is 4 years too. When this happens, it is a true set of schools. We wanted to know some more fascinating facts about Roosevelt. So we asked around and found what we were looking for. Here are 10 things you most likely don’t know about Roosevelt Middle School.

1-Roosevelt was built during 1923-1924 with War Memorial Hall.

2-Roosevelt has 75 rooms counting bathrooms and offices.

3- Mrs. McInerney was a student here and is now a teacher.

4-There were not always 4 grades at Roosevelt.

5-There were 40 kids at the first year of Roosevelt.

6-There was originally a balcony in the south gym (look at the top horizontal of the windows there is a mark to show it) but now is occupied with classrooms.

7-The high five goals were created in 1998.

8-There is a trapdoor in the multipurpose hallway (look for it).

9-Mr.Hancock and Ms.Rains have taught here the longest.

10-We were the Trojans before the Bulldogs.

Were you surprised? We were too, now it sounds like Roosevelt is private spy school with trap doors and tunnels. Thanks to Mrs. Steketee, Mr. Gartski, and Mr. Considine for sharing all of this fascinating information. Stay tuned for part two of this story when we investigate the tunnels.  

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