Upcoming Fields Trips 2

Julia M. and Jade M., Staff Writers

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5th Grade Trips:

The fifth graders are going on a field trip to the Field Museum on Thursday, January 25.  The Field Museum is a natural history museum. It is one of the largest museums in the WORLD. There are lots of exhibits such as Ancient Egypt, Evolving Planets, Underground Adventure, Restoring Earth, Elizabeth Hubert Mallory Hall of Jades, etc. The 5th graders are going here to study Ancient Egypt. The museum is located on 1400 South Lake Shore Drive in the heart of Chicago’s Museum Campus.

6th Grade Trip:

The 6th Graders are going to the Adler Planetarium on Friday, January 26. They will leave at 9 AM and come back at 3 PM. The Adler Planetarium’s goals are to continue the research of the universe. Another goal is to also introduce space science and exploration to  students in a diverse and entertaining way. The Adler Planetarium is located on 1300 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60605.

8th Grade Field Trips:

The 7th Graders have no field trips coming up, but 8th Grade has two. First, the 8th Grade is going to the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, IL on Thursday, February 1st. The goal is to learn about survivors’ experience of the Holocaust. The exhibits showcase documents, artifacts, and photographs of the Holocaust. The 8th Graders are also going to visit a brand-new exhibit that features the holograms of 13 survivors of the Holocaust and their answers to the questions on the Holocaust. Skokie, IL had the largest population of Holocaust survivors besides Israel. The museum is located at 9603 Woods Dr, Skokie, IL 60077.

Another field trip for 8th Graders is the annual Navy Pier trip that is taking place on Friday, February 9th. There, the 8th Grade separate into groups of friends and window shop and explore Navy Pier. After lunch, they will go to watch a performance of the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. The 8th Graders are allowed outside and can ride the Ferris Wheel at their own expense. Navy Pier is located on 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611.

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