Super Sub Sandwiches! Which One is the BEST?

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Super Sub Sandwiches! Which One is the BEST?

Mara V. and Vivian W., Staff Writers

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On a Saturday afternoon, you want a sub sandwich, but you don’t where to go. If you have this problem you should read more. We went to a lot of different sandwich shops and tested some sub sandwiches. This is what we thought they were like…we hope you are satisfied with our results.

Submarine Tender

Quality: Really good, except, there was a bit too much mayonnaise

Quantity: Nice. we ordered half and got a LOT

Looks: Looks like a sandwich not anything extravagant.

Rating: 8.5/10

Starship Submarine

Quality: We could taste a lot of salt and pepper

Quantity: There was like an inch of turkey piled on top.

Looks: We liked the sesame seeds on top. It was very decorative!

Rating: 5/10


Quality: It was delicious, but the ends were a little burnt

Quantity: Perfecto

Looks: Delicious, but a little bit brown on the edges

Rating: 9/10


Quality: The bread was perfect in thickness, but it was a little undercooked.

Quantity: It was a little small

Looks: Bread is very pale looking

Rating: 9/10

Jimmy Johns

Quality: Tasty, the turkey has a texture that is kind of rubbery.

Quantity: Pretty large, long and skinny,

Looks: Bland

Rating: 8/10


Quality: The mayo was good, lettuce came fresh

Quantity: Good for what we asked for, a bit too much lettuce

Looks: I like the way they folded the turkey, they made it right in front of us.

Rating: 7/10


We hope you find this useful next time you need a sandwich. Leave a comment below saying what your favorite sandwich shop on the list is. Any suggestions?

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