“I Survived” Contest-Roosevelt Could Win!


Mara V. and Vivian W., Staff Writers

Perhaps you have heard, Lauren Tarshis is asking for new ideas for her “I Survived” book series! Children across America are entering ideas, and you might just be the winner. Tarshis has written at least 18 books. You could be the one who gives her the idea for her 19th. Why would you want to win? Well, you would win a classroom skype with Lauren Tarshis herself!

Previous “I Survived” stories include:

The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912

The Great Chicago Fire, 1871

The Attack of September 11, 2001

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1942


The Shark Attacks of 1916


The prize will be a Skype visit for the whole class with Lauren Tarshis.  Also, you will get two complete sets of the books, one for you at home and one for your class. Imagine your story. All the possibilities. You could be the winner! ! ! ! ! !

All entries are due to the LLC by February 16.

If you are thinking about winning, the entry includes a summary of an event that has happened in history. It must be no longer than two pages long and include the name, location, and date of event. Your entry must have your name, age, and grade. It must also include school’s name, teacher’s name, address, and phone number. You can get a form from the library today. It can be typed or written.

Hope that you give an interesting story for her to write, and if you do, then turn it in! All ideas are welcome. The only question is… will the winner be from Roosevelt?!