Schoology: Yes or No?

Ava M. and Avery M., Staff Writers

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For those of you who went to Roosevelt last year know that we switched from teachers using a lot of different classroom management systems to now only one, Schoology. For some people the change was a big deal and for others they really liked it. We then decided to interview some teachers and students to learn more about their reactions to the app.

      We asked Ms. Micucci if she liked schoology and she said that she really liked it, but at first was not sure about the app. She said that after using it for a little she liked it the more. The more she learned the more she liked it. Ms. Micucci also told us that she never used edmodo and was an old fashioned teacher. She did not use apps like Schoology or Edmodo till Schoology. Ms. Micucci ended with saying that she thought another year or two with Schoology will make things very convenient for students.

      We asked Addison, a current 5th grader what she thought about schoology. She said that Schoology has only helped her once and then stated that she doesn’t use it for writing down assignments and prefers to write the homework down on her assignment notebook. We then asked her about the helpful features of the app.  Addison said that if teachers hand out papers and you don’t get one you can get it on Schoology, but she also said that sometimes the teachers don’t put the assignments on schoology so it is upsetting. We then asked Addison for her final opinion. Should Schoology stay of go? “That is a hard question I would probably go with not having this app but with an exception of having another homework app to substitute it.”

       In conclusion, many students and teachers really appreciate and like Schoology. For the incoming fifth graders though, there was nothing to compare schoology to, but they all seemed to like it.

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