The Hate U Give: Book Review

Anja H., Staff Writer

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The Hate U Give is a book written by Angie Thomas in 2017. This book centers around Starr Carter’s witnessing of her best friend being shot to death by the police while driving home from a spring break party. Her friend, Khalil was unharmed, as was Starr.

The next day, hazy as it may be,  Starr fights to regain composure after this horrific tragedy. In between calls from the police and mean texts from her friend Haley, Starr has a fighting resolve to call to attention the tragedy she has just experienced . Sounds simple right?

Well, it’s not. The people at Starr’s school have found out about the shooting but none of them care. In fact, 99 % of people are saying Khalil’s death was called for because “he was a drug dealer”.  This only fuels Starr to go talk to the police and speak out.

  Once Starr goes to the police however, they do nothing to help. They even run attacks against her and her family, especially her Uncle Carlos, co-worker to Officer Brian, the cop who shot Khalil.  With the stress from gang attacks at home, speaking out about police brutality, and snarky comments from classmates, how will Starr survive the madness that is her life?


My Thoughts

Out of 5 I would give this book a 4.8 because I thought the content was informative and I felt like I was really there with the reader. I truly think this book is a true literary gem.

  That said I do wish this book dove into more minor characters pasts like Iesha (King the person who sells drug’s wife) that way we would get a new perspective whilst we are reading.


Disclaimer: This book is geared towards seventh and eighth graders. This book deals with serious subject matter, so please talk to your parents or another responsible adult before you decide to read this book.


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