An Interview with Author Ronald L. Smith


Vivian W. and Mara V. , Staff Writers

As you may know, almost all of the sixth graders went to see a very famous author. Can you guess who? Here’s a hint. He has written HooDoo, Mesmerised, and was recently chosen by Marvel to write a book about the Black Panther. It is called Black Panther: The Young Prince. Still don’t know who? Ronald L. Smith! Before he presented we got this exclusive interview with him!!!

  1. What inspired you to be a writer?

   “I liked books a lot when I was younger and kept reading my life. One day I tried to write my own book and I had a lot of fun. I started to write stories and then finally got them published.”

  1. How did it feel to be chosen by Marvel?

     “Very exciting and I couldn’t believe it and it is still very exciting.”

  1. Did anything frustrate you while writing this book?

     “More time. Marvel did not give me all the time in the world. The first book I wrote I got all the time I needed.”

  1. Did you come up with the plot yourself?

    “Came up with my own story but it was it had to be in the right place in the world since Marvel already has other characters and stuff.”

  1. Did other people in your life influence how you made the characters act?

    “Not with this book, but I did with my earlier books. The first book I wrote, HooDoo, took place in Alabama, and my parents are from Alabama.”

  1. Do you think any parts of the book will be referred to in the movie?

    “No because it is its own separate thing and takes place before the movie. But you never know!”

  1. Were you ever nervous that your book would not be good enough, or that people would not like it?

    “Yes very much so because I thought even though everyone told me it was good it wouldn’t be. I thought they might just be being nice.”

Bonus Question:

What character do you think you are the most like?

“I think I am like the Black Panther he likes to study and he is curious. Just like me!”


We hope you enjoyed this interview. How would you feel if you had gotten chosen by Marvel?