Washing The Jerseys?


Vivian W. and Mara V., Staff Writers

 It has been noticed that the jerseys (pennies) in gym do not smell so good. Some say they smell old and sweaty. Others say it makes them want to gag. But some say they don’t mind the smell. In this article you will get the opinion of both the gym teachers and the students. Do they have a say in all this? Let’s find out!

   First we got an interview with some students, Joe and Lizzie. Here’s what they have to say:

Lizzie: “I think the smell is bad but tolerable. I definitely would not choose to wear one. They do not smell like they have been washed. I do feel that they need to be washed. I think it should be a school rule to wash them. I never have seen a person want to wear a jersey. They smell terrible. People cheer when they don’t have to wear the jerseys in gym. They make me feel gross and unsanitary. I wish they were washed more often.”

Then we interviewed Joe:

Joe: They are not bad. Most of the time they are to big and they could be smaller. They don’t smell that bad. If I had a choice I would not wear. I found it so gross when I found out they were washed every 2 months. It does help though because they our colored and makes  it easier to find our team. When we do put them on everyone wants to color coordinate. Everyone sighs.

Finally, we interviewed Mr. Hancock, a gym teacher.

Mr. Hancock: “The jerseys are washed on average like once every 2 months. But they are only worn every other day. We try to minimize the amount of time students have to wear them.  I might be able to talk to the physical ed staff to determine how often we could wash the scrimmage jerseys and come up with a plan to how often they should be washed.”


How do you feel about the Jerseys. Do they need to be washed more often. Please leave a comment below.