Are Zoos The Right Thing?

Daniela A., Staff Writer

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Many animals around the world are put in zoos, including elephants, penguins, and so many more. Some believe that zoos can be harsh and cruel for animals around the world. But, some believe it is the right place for the animals.

Reasons Zoos are Bad

Many people think that many zoos are getting education and research on these animals before they are put in zoos. But they are not getting the whole story because the animals are not acting they would in their real home. According to,  “Zoos can’t provide enough room.” Many are not getting enough room to move and are acting very sad all day at the zoo. Why do these people lock up all these poor animals?

In addition, animals act depressed because they don’t have as much space to roam. Many animals in zoos have to stay in a small area, but in their real homes they have as much space as they want. So the animals might act weird and that can lead to bad things. Fore example, sometimes when a zoo doesn’t want an animal, it gets killed, or sold to another zoo. says that, “surplus of animals are killed,” which means that zoos don’t really care what the animals are feeling.

Next, some zoos use bad drugs on animals to make them follow tricks and participate when they are on a show. This can be bad because the animals might be allergic and they will suffer from abnormal behavior. Plus if the animals may have too much drugs and they may die from abnormal behavior. It is very sad for these animals. They suffer bad deaths from being in too little space. Also according to Peta Kids, “zoos don’t really care about the animals they care about the money.” This means that some zoos don’t have appreciation for the animals and whether they get sick or not.

Also, animals can get separated from each other. Sometimes people separate babies from their mom and grandparents. This may lead to the baby’s death without its mom. Think about this…let’s say your mom is separated from you. You would be sad, I’m sure about it. And if the baby does not have enough milk, then it may die. Plus, what zookeepers feed them is not the right food from them especially if the animal is still a baby.

Zoos are also Good

On the other hand, you may be thinking it’s all bad, but zoos can also be good. You can learn about cool animals, you get to see and interact with them. Also people can get research on them and they can have fun. Zoos are also a family tradition. We get to see animals and have lots of fun. Also endangered animals need a place to stay.

In the end, we need to decide if we should we keep zoos or not. If we do keep them, we will find a way to make sure they are safe.

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