Roosevelt Student Led Walk Out to Demand Gun Control

Anja H., Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, March 14 RMS participated in the first student led walkout to protest gun violence and advocate for school safety. All across the country, citizens were horrified when a 17 year old in Florida broke in and started shooting children at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High.

As tensions ran high survivors of the shooting were outraged that no stricter gun reform was passed and decided to do something about it. Today their movement payed off, sparking national walkouts around the USA.

At Roosevelt, students organized a 17 minute protest against gun violence and for school safety,   Most of the student body marched safely around the Jackson field perimeter voicing nationally recognized chants like “ Enough is Enough” and “ Stop the Madness”.  

The marchers got honks of support from passing cars and also from adults who some RMS students said “ looked suspiciously like their parents.”


I asked Vivian Wienke and Mara Vogen what they thought of the walkout


I first spoke to Mara Vogen and asked her what she thought about the walkout

She said: It was moving that the whole country did it but I think our school fell short.

I then asked her if she felt safe during the walkout

She replied: I definitely felt safe and content.

To end I asked why she walked out. Her answer was:

I walked out because the cause was important to me

I then asked Vivian the same questions

Her answers were: When asked about her thoughts on the walkout: It was a good march but it could have been organized better.

When questioned on whether she felt safe: I felt safe because I was in a familiar place and I got support from my community.

Why did she walkout? She says:I walked out because I support the notion of school safety


What did you think about the walkout?

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