The Girl Who Could Fly: Book Review

Anja H., Staff Writer

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Looking for a heartwarming thriller? Look no further and get your hands on the nearest copy of The Girl Who Could Fly,

Published in 2008, the saying “ oldie but goodie”still applies. This book follows the life of Piper McCloud. Piper is a simple country farm girl, but she can fly . Problem is, the folks in Lowland County don’t like her flying and claim it scares them .

All hope seems lost for Piper until Dr. Letitia Hellion shows up. Dr. Hellion offers to take Piper to her institute where there are other children “like her”. Soon though, with the help of Conrad Harrington the 3rd, the institute’s resident genius, Piper realizes something is off with the institute and plans an escape. Will it work? Read the book to find out!

I think out of 5 stars, I would  give this book a 4.5 because although it was witty and an enticing read,  it could have done with some more backstory into the characters lives. For example, I wonder why Conrad is so distant from his father?  As for age, I think this is a highly appropriate “tween” book showcasing strength and bravery in a memorable way.

I liked this book because I enjoyed how it was not a one-and done plot, but instead has many story twists. I got a sense that this was a book unlike any other.

Why? Read it to find out.


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