The Five Weirdest Animals in the World


Vivian W. and Mara V., Staff Writers

You might say that you’re weird (and you probably are) but you’re definitely are not as weird as these five animals. We have 5 different strange animals…

The Tapir

Whether it’s the nose or the white stripe through the stomach, the tapir is a pretty strange animal. Fun Fact (which is actually kind of sad) the tapir is on the endangered species list. This creature may look like a pig, but it is actually quite closely related to horses and rhinos. There are 4 different types of tapirs; the Malayan tapir, the South American tapir, the Baird’s tapir, and the Mountain tapir.

The Okapi

The okapi, also known as the Forest Giraffe, is a strange animal (and it looks very strange in this photo). It is found in rainforests. There are only 22,000 okapis left in the world. They are near extinction. Their biggest threat is habitat loss. Habitat loss threatens many animals. In the case of the okapi it is the forest burnings to clear land, and deforestation that is causing their beloved rainforest to disappear. The okapi is a herbivore, meaning it eats plants, not animals. But, if it is not a predator, that means it is prey. Prey to what, you might ask. It is prey to one of the world’s most dangerous jungle cats — the jaguar. The okapi must always be on its toes, just in case of an attack. You might not know that the okapi is like a giraffe in many ways. It may not have a long neck, but it has a huge tongue, just like a giraffe. Not only is the tongue great for grabbing leaves off of tree branches, it is blue too. Now you might be wondering why that matters. The blue coloring keeps the tongue from getting sunburn! Now that’s cool!

The Proboscis Monkey

The proboscis monkey’s nose is not just a fashion statement, it actually improves the safety of the group. You may not believe this, but proboscis monkey’s nose provides a warning call for the group when danger is near. Only the males have this, and they fight to be the leader of the group by honking at each other and shaking branches. The leader of the group is responsible for the safety of the group. That is where the nose comes in. Proboscis monkeys’ noses act as resonating chambers for the sounds they make to bounce around in. Sort of like a guitar, the sound from the strumming bounces around inside the base of the guitar making it louder, and producing beautiful music. In the monkey’s case, it makes his warning call louder, so all of the group can hear it. Sometimes, looking weird is what it takes to survive!

The Naked Mole Rat

     You might think it would be strange to go to school naked, but this little guy goes everywhere naked. And just to clarify he is not very old. All naked mole rats are wrinkly. You can also see parts of the inside of the naked mole rat because it’s skin is so thin. It lives underground in tunnels. It is a common mistake that naked mole rats are blind. That is not true. They simply have a difficult time seeing in their dark, underground home. The would be able to navigate much better if they had glasses.

Next time you go to the zoo, be sure to pay some mind to these little guys.

The Anteater

The anteater’s name is after what it eats…ants! The anteater has many different parts of the body that help it survive. For example, the tongue of the anteater is long and sticky, so that the anteater can stick it into the ant tower and get as many as needed. The tongue is actually 2 feet long! The anteater has 4 toes on its paws, although the inner toe is not very visible. (It’s only a small bump) The anteater can be from 65 pounds to 140 pounds. Although it loves to feast on ants…It also loves termites and other insects too! So much better! They also eat mashed fruits and veggies like avocados and bananas. So next time you see some ants call for an anteater.

All of these animals are strange…really strange. But you will see that the only reason for the unordinary appearance is to help them survive. Did we miss any animals? If so, tell us by commenting down below.