Roosevelt Advisory: An Interview with Ms. Ross and Mr. Garstki

Phoebe S, Arden P, Rian S, Hannah S, Staff Writers

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Advisory was new to everyone last year. We interviewed two staff members and students to find out why we decided to do it and to get their opinion on advisory.

We interviewed Ms. Ross, one of the school social workers, who gave us a lot of information. Here is the interview:

Was our advisory the same as it was at your old school?

It was a little different where I worked than here at Roosevelt. They got a bit deeper and it was a bit longer.

How did Roosevelt start advisory?

“Mr. Garski wanted to create an advisory program and he wanted to find a social worker who could do the advisory program. I came from a school who did advisory and I was the best fit.”

What is one of your favorite activities that we do in advisory?

“I think that depends on each different advisory and each group is going to have its own best way of doing activities.”

Why do we have advisory here at Roosevelt?

“I think it is very important to the school environment”

How do you think advisory is going?

“ In my group I think that the kids are having a very enjoyable time and I am as well.”

How do you decide what activities we are going to do in each advisory meeting?

“Each activity has its own point, but some is for team building and others are for life lessons and communicating, and others are just for having fun”

What is your biggest hope for advisory?

“ My hope is that it will give them a more connected feeling with the school and kids they don’t usually connect with.”

After we interviewed Ms. Ross, she recommended that we interview Mr. Garski and we did.

Why do we do advisory here at Roosevelt?

Mr. Garski- “It is an opportunity to have conversations with each other in more of a fun way rather than only academic ways. We have never had this before and lots of schools have it every day. It is a place to make friends. Even if some kids don’t need it as much as others, I know one kid does. It is an opportunity to have a conversation with someone.  

What are the most important things that we do in advisory?

Mr. Gartski-“The most important things in advisory I think are the activity or the game because the best way to feel comfortable with somebody is to laugh with them.  You can see that the teacher is having fun with you as well.

We also interviewed people from all the grades and asked them about their opinion on advisory. Here are our answers.

5th Grade

Erin-I like it because we play games. 

Abby-I dislike it. 

Kate-I like it. 

Mimi- I like my group.

Jenene- We aren’t doing anything yet, but I like my group.

Jade- I like it. It is a good learning experience.”

Evie- I think it is a good group to get to express your feelings and know the teacher, and ask them questions.            

Sam-I like talking with Mr. Mann and my friends about things that are going on. 

Finn- I think it is fun and it is one of my favorite classes. 

Mickey- I don’t know. It is really fun

6th Grade

Nicole- “Its ok but some things seem repetitive, like when you say your name over and over again even if there isn’t a new person there.”

Zoe- “It’s ok. I feel like they can do more games.”

Hannah – “It can be fun sometimes and also boring, but for the most part it is fun.”

Grace-“ I don’t like it.”

Paul- “It’s boring and messes up the schedule.”

Tommy-“I don’t think we need it.”

Gabe-“It’s fine. Good and bad things in it.”

Già- “It isn’t that fun.”

8th Grade

Alexandra- “I think should get rid of it.”

Kiera- “I dislike it.”

Maeve- “It is really fun, but I dislike having lunch with them.”

Sadie-“I don’t love it and dislike lunch with them.”

Rachel-“I dislike it.”

Angelina- “I dislike it.”

Paige- “I like it.”

Elsa- “I like it.”

Natalie- “It’s ok.”

Kate- “It’s ok.”

Sam- “Depends on kids in the advisory.”

Nick- “It’s not fun.”


So, to summarize, there are many great reasons to have advisory in our school and also mixed reviews on how students feel.  Leave a comment below to let us know your opinions.


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