Hurricane Florence Animal Rescue

Lizzie P., Staff Writer

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 If you or your family are thinking about adopting an animal, now is a good time. Hurricane Florence, a severe natural disaster currently taking place on the Southeast coast, has had damaging effects on the lives, homes, buildings, and environment of people that live in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Maryland. Though of these lives at risk, one of the most vulnerable includes the lives of animals left abandoned at government animal shelters or on the streets of hurricane-prone areas.

    Hurricane Florence has recently been advancing along the Southeastern coast with winds that go as fast as ninety miles per hour. Flooding also occurred with as much as eighteen trillion gallons of rain that fell on the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland in the course of a week. In addition, some areas are expected to acquire over thirty inches of rain whereas some parts of North and South Carolina received another fifteen inches.

    The animals during this dangerous storm might in fact be one of the most vulnerable victims of Hurricane Florence. Animals left outside, or even inside buildings, are in danger during a Hurricane. Ones abandoned can become malnourished or dehydrated. They’re in danger of collapsing walls, drowning in floods, or escaping in panic and getting lost. Fortunately, volunteers from local animal shelters rescue abandoned animals left stranded during hurricanes and other natural disasters before and after they occur and house them in animal shelters around the country. These volunteers find animals in very unfortunate places.

One man found six dogs locked in a cage in Leland, North Carolina where they would’ve drowned from rising floods if not rescued. Another person found 10 dogs stranded on cars during a time period of rising floods. Animal shelters try their best to rescue every animal that is lost. Unfortunately, these shelters can’t take every single animal that is left abandoned during a hurricane. Shelters fill up quickly and they don’t have space for all the animals. A lot of them are left stranded at the same spot they began during the hurricane until there is space for them in a shelter. And, worse, a lot of government shelters in hurricane areas will euthanize animals before the storm hits if they aren’t adopted.

    That is why now is a perfect time to adopt an animal from Hurricane Florence or to support the rescue mission by contacting your local animal shelter. When you help an animal that has been abandoned or stranded from the hurricane, you not only give that animal a better home, but you also give an animal that hasn’t been rescued yet a chance to be saved and housed by a shelter. These animals have probably been one of the most affected victims of Hurricane Florence and rescue efforts to give these animals a better home has been a mission of many animal shelters and volunteers.

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