A Visit from Mary Winn Heider

Nicole L., Staff Writer

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The 6th grade class recently had a very special author visit from none other than Mary Winn Heider. Mary Winn Heider is the author of The Mortification Of Fovea Munson, her very first book.  The book is about Fovea Munson, whose parents work in a cadaver lab. When her summer camp gets cancelled, she has to work as a receptionist in her parents’ lab. The story turns bizarre and funny when three disembodied heads start talking to her, and they need a favor. 

What inspired Mary Winn Heider to write this book? She worked as a receptionist in a cadaver lab after finishing college. Mary used her experiences in the lab as inspiration for her new book.  In particular, she used the story of working with severed heads and also accidentally ordering 600 legs. Besides being an author, she’s an actor and teaches creative writing in Chicago. Mary is working on her next book that will include tubas being dropped from the school roof, so stay tuned!


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