Hurricane Florence: What You Need To Know

Alena A., Staff Writer

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Hurricane Florence is the latest hurricane raging across the East Coast. People living in the affected states have been told to evacuate immediately, but not everyone believes they need to escape this category 1 hurricane. Officials worry that nearly 1,000 of 6,300 residents of one town in North Carolina planned stay, but there are many others throughout the endangered states. These states include Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, the Virginias, Maryland, and Pennsylvania as well as the Carolinas according to a storm tracker posted by CNN.

     This hurricane was expected to hover over the Carolinas and unload 10 trillion gallons of rainfall by the time it left. It touched down in North Carolina on Friday, September 14th. Rescuers had saved over 200 people from the storm in the city of New Bern alone in only the first few hours. One video from a woman still in North Carolina shows the Pungo River completely flooding the street in front of her home, the water level rising all the way to the first floor windows of the house across the street.

     Florence left the Carolinas with a death toll of at least 22. On Monday morning in North Carolina there were about two dozen tornado warnings, as well as an estimated 523,000 businesses and homes still without power in both states. At that time the storm was also still huge, spanning six states. The cost of damages that the hurricane has caused is estimated to be somewhere around $17 billion.

     This hurricane has also had some tragic effects on animals in the affected states. The animal death toll is now in the millions. One video taken by a rescue worker shows him rescuing three dogs left by their owners in an outdoor cage, all barking and howling. The caption on the video in part says, in all caps, “bring your pets with you.”

      Some of the most recent developments as of Thursday include a North Carolina school district apologizing after scheduling school only a few days after the hurricane left the state. Students struggled to get to the schools and were put in danger as their buses drove down flooded streets. Also, the restaurant chain Waffle House has sent workers to some of the their locations to provide food for people in the flooded areas.

       Hurricane Florence is still raging across the East Coast. To stay up to date on new developments, check out articles from reliable sources like CNN and NY times.



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