The Lizard Brain and You

The Lizard Brain and You

Paula M. , Staff Writer

Have you ever had that feeling that makes you nervous and easily offended? Something that stops you from doing things and achieving your goals?

That’s the lizard brain put to work. It is often referred to as the Amygdala. The lizard brain is a part of your brain that guards you from ever getting hurt. It can, however, hurt your ideas and hurt others too! The video posted below is an example of two friends and a misunderstanding. When finishing the article, click on it to learn more. But in the meanwhile, let me show you how to overcome and quiet down the lizard brain.     

Quieting the Lizard Brain

“I am a failure.” Often, your lizard brain is telling you negative things about yourself and others. It tells you that nobody likes you, and that you are a failure. It makes you feel threatened and fearful, as well as sour and angry. So how do you quiet it down?Whenever you think people are trying to ignore you, like in the example video, think that your lizard brain is always assuming the worst of things that are not even true. So when it tells you negative things it thinks people are doing to you, ignore it until you know the truth. Sometimes, the lizard brain affects you in another way. It affects you in feelings about yourself and your ideas. Here is an example: Lizzie really has a great idea for stage crew. But her lizard brain starts telling her that the idea stinks, will never work, and that if she tells it to them, they will surely kick her out of the group. The way it has affected Lizzie is that now she feels insecure and her awesome idea will be forgotten. When you hear a voice in your head whispering bad stuff about your idea and yourself, just do it, and whatever comes out of it will be whole other story. See, the lizard brain always makes excuses to weasel out of ‍‍‍‍things and ideas. If you ever find a part of your brain doing that, ignore it. A brave soul never makes plan B’s like the lizard brain. They never invent excuses or hurt people and their feelings. But now we need to take a peek at solving problems the lizard brain has caused.

Solving Problems

Gina’s face was burning with embarrassment, tears lurking through her face. Ever since the day before, she had been abnormally quiet with her friends and family, crying whenever Urnie, her sister came close to talk to her, and endlessly staring at Alexia her best friend, well until now. When Gina accidentally saw her diary, she picked it up and gave it to her. Alexa blew up at her for thinking that she read it, but when she found out the truth, she could not find a way to cure her hurt friend.

In a situation like this, what you do is find a way to apologize. Do it normally and in your speech never, ever include excuses like   “I was just really tired that day” or “ I was frustrated because I got a D on my math test.”

Just apologize and EXPLAIN!!! “Gina, I am so sorry. I thought that you read my diary and found out a bunch of stuff I have not told anyone … you are a really good friend that you never took a peek and brought it directly to me. I am really really sorry.” Now say it to whom you hurt, and try not to repeat it. But hey! Nobody is perfect, especially the lizard brain.  ❤️