“Your Name” Movie Review

Your Name Movie Review

Paula M. , Staff Writer

Have you ever had a movie that made you cry, scream and laugh???

Well, this is it! Besides having an awesome sound track with 2 of my 5 most favorite songs (Zen Zen Zen Zei and Sparkle by Radwimps) it has a romantic and emotionally sad story. Being an anime movie, it is not screamy or inappropriate, but adventurous and calm. Your Name won 2016 best Japanese movie of the year and also recently won my heart. It is about 17 year olds Mitsuha Myamytzu and Taki Tachibana. Mitsuha lives in nothingness Itomori and Taki lives in amazing Tokyo. There is a Japanese belief about a red ribbon. The myth says that the ribbon connects your pinky finger to someone exactly like you. In this belief, once a month, the man on the moon comes down to earth and ties an invisible red ribbon to two identical people that need help and support in life. They think that usually these people have an important story.

In the movie, Taki and Mitsuha are connected with this, and both start to experience something magical. They eventually fall in love, but when an unknown secret ruins everything, Taki has to find a way to save Mitsuha and entire Itomori, or it will mean death.


Mitsuha: a kind 17 year old girl. She is the daughter of the mayor and lives with her grandmother.

Taki: a popular, sporty, sassy Tokyo boy. He loves his life and gets angry easily.

Mitsuha’s grandmother: a down to earth, old woman. She takes care of Mitsuha and her sister.

Mitsuha’s sister: sassy and secretly a little lonely. She misses not knowing her mom well and wants to hang out with Mitsuha.

Mitsuha’s dad: strict and cranky after her mom died. He is sad under all the layers of mad.

Mitsuha’s friends: supporting and brave. They like each other but hate each other at the same time.

Taki’s dad: busy and uncaring about Taki.



That is Your Name. Watch the movie for an special moment because that is what it is.