BTS is Taking People by Storm!

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BTS is Taking People by Storm!

Sofia C., Staff Writers

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Have you heard of BTS? I bet not. If you haven’t, let me introduce you to them. They are a K-pop boy band with 7 people. BTS has knocked Americans off the charts, including Ariana Grande’s new album “Sweetener” and Taylor Swift’s record of views in 24 hours! Now talk about Korean power! When I say Korea, I mean the Republic of Korea. 

Who exactly are BTS?

BTS is a group of seven member k-pop boy band.

First member: Kim Nam Joon. His birthday is September, 1994 and his hobbies are surfing the web.

Next member: Kim Seok Jin or otherwise known as Jin. His birthday is December 4th, 1992 and his hobbies are cooking, playing video games on the Nintendo and taking selfies.

We then have Min Yoon Gi or otherwise known as Suga.  His birthday is March 9th, 1993 and his hobbies are doing nothing when he has free time, taking photos, and to avoid doing work.

We then have J-Hope or Jung Ho Seok.  His birthday is February 18th, 1994 and his hobby is listening to music and window shopping.

We now have Jimin or Park Ji Min.  His birthday is October 13, 1995 and his hobbies are relaxing whenever he gets the chance.

Next is  Kim Tae Hyung.  His birthday is December 30, 1995 and his hobbies are searching for music that nobody listens to and going on the internet.

Last but not least is Jung Cook. His birthday is September 1, 1997 and his hobby is drawing.

What has BTS done?

BTS has done a lot of things for their fans (or the Armies) and the world including posting 3 albums  called “love yourself” in a campaign with UNICEF called “Love Myself”. They also spoke at the United Nations on September 24,  being the first K-Pop boy band in history to make a speech at the UN. Their speech was called “Speak Yourself”,  trying to make young people speak their opinions out loud.


Despite speaking at the UN,  BTS has quite the silly personality.  Being very comedic, you laugh even if they are speaking Korean and there’s no subtitles you’ll find a way to laugh.  BTS not only sings, but they dance… in sync with 7 other BTS members . Now that’s talent!

Check them out! Their YouTube is BANGTANGTV.

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