Snowflake Day: A Review


Sofia C., Staff Writer

Friday, September 28, was the first snowflake day of the 2018-2019 school year. This included fun activities for a half day. If you missed it, don’t worry! The Bulldog Tribune we will fill you in about what happened, as well as some interviews from kids and teachers alike on what they thought of snowflake day.  Get ready, because we will take this half day to a whole other level.

What Happened

    Last Friday was Snowflake Day and we had 4 special activities.  We had a little puzzle fun outside in the parking lot in a game called Minesweeper. We also met up with our advisory teachers and our advisory classmates. We had a special visitor named Eduard who gave an amazing performance about not judging people on just how they look and other factors. We then had people inform us about various groups that we could make a difference with. The first was Sarah’s Inn. They talked about domestic violence and what Sarah’s Inn does to protect and avoid it. There was also an animal shelter informing people about animals and how we can help animals in need. There was also The Shriner’s Children’s Hospital to talk to groups about what people can do to help sick children. 

What did you think?

        Snowflake day was a great day in general.  We learned a few things and got munching on them munchies. What did you enjoy about Snowflake day? Did you learn anything? Whatever your opinions are, please write it down in the comments, we enjoy your opinions!