5 Weirdest Animals in the Water

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5 Weirdest Animals in the Water

Mara V. and Vivian W., Staff Writer

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    Maybe you have seen our last article about weird animals on land, if not please do! That article covers 5 strange animals that we found, if you can think of a weird animal that is not on that list please give a comment on that article. This article is a sequel and is about weird animals in water. Again if you can think of a weird animal in water that is not on this list, comment! Now, let’s get to these strange animals, starting with the goblin shark.

Goblin Shark

Coming from a lineage of a 125 million year old fish. A goblin shark is a very rare species. It looks kind of like gums but it is sometimes called a living fossil. The goblin shark is a deep sea fish. He is much is different from other sharks, as you can see in picture. It has a flattened snout and inits mouth it has 35-53 upper and 31-62 lower teeth. An adult goblin shark is between 3-4 meters, and the weight is able to reach 200-210 kilograms. It’s gills are not concealed with flaps like most fishes, but rather out in the open a little more.

The Blobfish


Before you judge this fish, just take a minute to see why they look the way they do. Blobfish lack a special thing called a swim bladder, a sac full of air that allows them to adjust buoyancy. In the blobfishes natural depth it would look a lot more like a fish and a lot less like…. well…. goo. Near the surface it lacks the pressure required to hold its shape and it just kind of melts. As you can see Blobfish have no scales so they are really smushy. Instead they have spines. They are kind of hard to see out of the water, but they are there. Only 420 Blobfish are left in the world. That is a VERY low number. Great efforts are being made to save them. FUN FACT: no one has ever seen a blobfish eat. Scientist to think that they eat crabs and shellfish though. The Blobfish was recently voted the worlds ugliest animal, which is weird because I think he is awfully cute.

Yeti Crab

Not only does this crab have some VERY HAIRY arms, but he is also blind. This doesn’t really matter because he lives on the dark ocean floor, and can’t see a thing. So even if he was blind, he still wouldn’t be able to see anything. Now you might be wondering why his arms are soooooo hairy. Well, he uses these hairy arms he has to collect bacteria from underwater vents (cracks in the Earth’s crust) and eat it off their arms! These crabs live in the midnight zone in the ocean. That is the darkest and deepest part of the ocean. That means that this crab here has to withstand a lot of pressure. 7,500 feet down in the ocean is a dangerous place in the ocean. Yeti crabs need to withstand boiling and freezing water. This crab is very strong!



The frogfish is a very sneaky fish. It blends in with the coral around it and waits for its prey. They have a small string attached to their head that they use to lewer in fish to eat the fish. That’s right, fish. There hand sized creatures eat fish the same size as them. The fish never sees them coming. The fish swims up an the frogfish opens its jaws creating a suction so great that the fish gets eaten before it has time to see what’s happening. The frogfish can devour a whole fish in six milliseconds! Click here to see it eat. It looks like the fish vanish as soon as it opens its mouth. Now that is freaky fast food!


Pearl Fish

The pearlfish is a marine fish in the Carapidae family, a family of Ray finned fish. These fish are slender, they have no scales kind of like the Blobfish except they aren’t all mushy out of the water. Their dorsal fin rays are shorter than their anal fin rays, this is usually the other way around on other fish. Pearlfish live in tropical waters, and in the Atlantic, Indian, and the Pacific oceans. But the strange thing about pearl fish is that they don’t live in a nice cozy home like humans and most other animals do. No, they live inside the butt of a sea cucumber. Both of them get something out of it. The pearl fish gets shelter inside the sea cucumber and the sea cucumber gets a life long friend.


I hope you included another animal in the comments. And next time you look in the mirror remember you are beautiful in your own special way, just like these animals. (Except your not as creepy looking)


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