The Truth About Christopher Columbus

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The Truth About Christopher Columbus

Sofia C., Penelope K. and Lea C., Staff Writers

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     You’ve probably heard the song “in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue” but have you heard the song “in 1492, Columbus enslaved people for gold when he landed from that ocean blue”?  Nope you haven’t… until now. In today’s article we will be uncovering the evil truth about  Christopher Columbus and why we shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day and instead, we should be celebrating Indigenous People’s Rights Day. We will discuss who Christopher Columbus actually was. That great man we once thought of is the one who turned to the “dark side”.

Who Truly Discovered America?

    Christopher Columbus did not discover the Americas, technically the Native Americans did. But the first European settlement on America was by the “Norse vikings” almost 500 years earlier! Around the 900s, that’s 1,000 years ago! So here we go, we debunked Columbus already. 

Columbus’s Early Life

    Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa Italy, the exact date of his birth date is unknown. As a teenager he became a merchant and sold stuff using a merchant ship. He went on a trip and got attacked by the French, his boat sank but he grabbed the scraps of wood and floated off to Portugal. He went to school there for an unknown amount of years.

His Inspiration and Passion to go to Asia

    He wanted to go to Asia by land, but it was really dangerous to go by land, so he went by sea. He thought it would be too long to go around Africa, so he thought “Why not go west?” His problem was that he thought the world was much smaller than it actually was! His passion? Money and lots of spices and jewels which you can only get in Asia. After years of trying to find someone to sponsor him for the journey, he was able to finally convince Spanish monarchs Queen Isabella and king Ferdinand or Columbus to help him go on his journey. To go, he got three ships. In 1492 he set sail.

His Cruelty to the Native Americans  

    Christopher Columbus was cruel to the Native Americans or the indigenous people in many ways. Columbus labeled the indigenous people as “Indians”. He used violence and slavery to force conversion of native people to Christianity. This was also the introduction of  diseases that would have long-term  and effects on the native peoples in the Americas. “On his first day in the New World, he ordered six of the natives to be seized, writing in his journal that he believed they would be good servants.” Throughout Columbus’ years in the New World, he used slave labor in which the natives were put to work to help find gold. Later, Christopher Columbus sent thousands of peaceful Taino “Indians” as he thought they were, from the island of Hispaniola to Spain to be sold to traders. Many died on the route. The Native Americans that were left behind were forced to search for gold in mines and work on plantations. 


    At the end Columbus made centuries of pain for the native people of America. It’s effects are still being felt to this day, like racism and inequality. We hope you have learned the real truth about Christopher Columbus. We also hoped you learned why you shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day, you should be celebrating the holiday of the name of, Indigenous people’s rights day instead.

Credit to Wikipedia and, and whoever created “in 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue”, and credit to Sofia Contreras for the new truthful song about Columbus.
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