Come Join Newspaper Club


Lola M. and Erin D. , Staff Writers

Are you having trouble finding a seat in the lunchroom? Do you like to write for fun? Come to Newspaper! Newspaper is a fun club that meets during lunch both halves, but you don’t have to come both halves everyday, just 2 halves a week.  It is for all grades to enjoy. You just write articles by yourself or you could write one with a friend. You can join any day of the week and everyday except Wednesdays because of advisory. Join with your friends today.

Where is it and Who is it With?

Newspaper is in room number 130 on the first floor with Mrs. Graves, a 6th grade core teacher. She would like us to know that anyone can join anytime. Let’s hear what she has to say:

Questions for Mrs. Graves

We asked her…..

Authors: “ Why did you decide to start newspaper?”

Mrs. Graves:  “Mrs. Hendrickson and I decided to start it and wanted to move towards digital newspaper format. We also realized that we could give the people who loved writing an option to write what they wanted to write about.”

Authors: “What is your favorite part of newspaper?”  

Mrs. Graves: “My favorite part is the relationships I build with the students who come.”

Authors: “What is your favorite type of article for kids to write?”  

Mrs. Graves: “ I like it when students interview staff and students and hear what they have to say.”

Authors: “What’s your least favorite part about newspaper?”

Mrs.Graves: “Not much, sometimes i struggle with getting kids to join.”

Authors: “Have you ever written an article before in Newspaper”

Mrs. Graves: “I have not because I want the newspaper just to be for students to write in.