3 Interesting Questions with their Explained Answers

3 Interesting Questions with their Explained Answers

Josephine K. , Staff Writer

What is the Color of A Mirror?


The color green


Human can differentiate 10 million different colors but it’s hard to image the mirror is not white or silver. It is actually the color of whatever is reflected onto it. The perfect mirror reflects all images in the exact opposite direction (angle of reflection) and distance. So the color of the mirror would be kind of smart white.
But, we live in a real world where there is no perfect mirror. Every real mirror absorbs a very tiny amount of light. In particular, it best reflects light within the 510 nanometer range, which is the spectrum of visible green light. So technically, your mirror is titchy green.


How Much Percent of Your Brain do you Actually Use?

Answer: 100%

Explanation: It has been misattributed to many people (including Albert Einstein) that we only use 10% of our brain. This myth was originated in the 1890’s by the father of American psychology, William James. He said “most of us do not meet our mental potential” and this misunderstanding stuck for a long time.
The truth is, we use virtually every part of the brain and most of the part is active all the time. In fact, during sleep, all parts of your brain remain active. Although, it is true that every part of the brain is not concurrently active at any given moment. For maximum efficiency and in order to be conscious at all, 1 to 16% of the cell should be active. Furthermore, most of the cells are used to control unconscious activities such as heart rate, dreaming etc.
The human brain requires 20% (more than any other organ) of the body’s energy, in children that figure is 50% and in infants, it is 60%. It contains more neurons (around 86 billion) than any other species and this dense neuron packing is what makes us so smart.


Where is the Center of the Universe?

Answer: Everywhere!


The universe started with a “Big Bang” about 13.7 billion years ago and it has been expanding ever since. The center of this expansion is everywhere. No matter where you are in the universe, everything will seem to be expanding or moving away from you at the same rate.
Now you may ask, aren’t we located at some point with respect to the universe?
Well, we certainly are. If you have powerful telescope that could see all the way to the end of the universe, would you find more universe on one side of earth than the other? No, it looks the same in all directions. That doesn’t mean earth is the center.


Let’s take the universe as balloon which is being inflated with air. Imagine yourself as one of the many dots on a spherical balloon. The other dots will be getting away from you as balloon gets bigger. In fact, every dot is getting farther from each other at the same rate. No matter what dot you represent, it looks as you are at the center of the expanding balloon. The same happens in 3-dimensional space