Headless Chicken Monster?


Lola M. and Erin D. , Staff Writers

You’re scuba diving in the Arctic Ocean, and all of a sudden you see a red floating head that looks sort of like a chicken’s. Well, guess what? That is a Headless Chicken Monster. They live in the icy waters of the Antarctic Ocean. Before the discovery near the Antarctica Ocean, scientists originally found this creature by the Gulf of Mexico. It is part of the sea cucumber family. Recently, the Australian Antarctic division has captured a clear video of it on camera for the first time. It was taken in the Southern Ocean (near Antarctica).  

The features of a headless chicken monster:

It glows in the dark. It resembles a chicken without a head, with tentacles floating in the open sea and waving fins. The scientific name of it is: enypniastes eximia. They usually stay on the floor of the ocean and eat tiny particles, like algae. There are about 1,250 species people know about, some are harvested illegally. It is transparent and can swim upward when most sea cucumbers can’t.

In conclusion, if you see a red headless chicken swimming in the ocean, be sure to take a picture!