7 Amazing Hacks to Guarantee Beautiful Nails

7 Amazing Hacks to Guarantee Beautiful Nails

Sofia C., Staff Writer

     Nails are amazing! Why not make them even better by using these hacks!!!! Keep on reading and you will find out nail art hacks, nail biting hacks, etc! Keep on reading to find out how to grow your nails without breaking!!!

  1. Easy gradient! Have you ever wanted gradient nails but don’t know how? Well we have the secret! Grab a white makeup sponge and two different colors of nail polish and watch the quick tutorial below.                                          https://drive.google.com/a/district90.org/file/d/12-zC3sik_Pqpj3jQYTV92wretNrYevMi/view?usp=drivesdk                  Sorry for the awkward camera angle we did it better in the next link!
  2. Do you want dots on your nails but don’t have a dotting tool easy just use a bobby pin, toothpick, or anything that’s a small circular edge. Dip it in some nail polish and apply it to a colored base.
  3. Do you want easy crisp clean lines on your nails with  2 colors, then this hack is for just grab some scotch tape, for more details click the link below  https://drive.google.com/a/district90.org/file/d/1PKy0Gjs47WDdcNg93T_eZz62zHgflAgH/view?usp=drivesdk.
  4. Are you sick of biting your nails but just cannot stop the habit. There is a treatment! There is a special clear polish that has a SUPER bad flavor that in hopes you will stop biting your nails, our favorite is “Malava stop” you can get it on Amazon. I tried it on my brother who has a horrible habit of biting his nails and he says it has helped him stop biting his nails.      

 5. Do you want long nails but they keep on breaking? Your nails are obviously too hard, you should get some nail oil. Nail oil helps your nails stay flexible so the next time they feel like breaking they will flex not snap. Use nail oil that says “jojoba oil” if it doesn’t don’t get it. Or just get some jojoba oil from amazon! This is also how they grow long!                                                  

Do you want cute designs on your nails, but for the life of you you can’t free hand paint? Welcome nail vinyls. Nail vinyls work like the scotch tape hack from above except nail vinyls include designs! Want instructions on how to use them it’s the same as the scotch tape hack from twinkledT.com they also have nail supplies on the website, check em’ out!!