Mysterious Numbers Throughout History


Sofia C., Lea C., and Penelope K., Staff Writers

Numbers seem just something in a math equation you don’t want to do or just a regular number in daily life! When you look deeper at numbers, the creepier they seem! Today on the Roosevelt Tribune, we will look at the deeper creepy meanings behind numbers. For your sake and our sake we will not cover the number 6. It is just too creepy to begin with, if you want to research it, research it in your own time, but just remember if you get creeped out please don’t sue us (i’m just kidding), we gave you a warning.

Number 7

        The number that inspired this story. 7 is just in too many to count (pun intended and there more on the way) for example.

  1. There are 7 colors in the rainbow
  2. 7 continents in the world
  3. There are 7 seas
  4. The week has 7 days
  5. There are 7 physical planets in our solar system
  6. There a total of  7 looks alikes of you, including you
  7. This is the 7th thing you will read about 7’s.
  8. 7 is a very lucky number, a lot of people I know their lucky number is 7.

That is 8 of the 18 things people have noticed about 7. And there are more, (you can research more, like we said, but we didn’t want to put any religious things about the number 7)

42, the meaning of life?

This might sound very strange, but according to author Douglas Adams, 42 is the meaning of life though it was just a joke and he just randomly picked that number. There have been some people who have proved that 42 may be the meaning of life. Do you think it is the meaning of life? Or do you think there is a different meaning of life that isn’t a joke? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

  1. In a magic cube all numbers 1-27 add up to 42 no matter what.
  2. In Kabbalist tradition, 42 was the number that the gods created the world.
  3. 42 degrees is the angle in which rainbows are made.
  4. It take 2 minus the 42nd power to cross the diameter of an atom.                            

Kaprekar’s operation

      6174 is truly a mysterious number… in math! Wow I didn’t really like researching this one as well. This is called Kaprekar’s operation, it goes as follows. In 1949 an Indian mathematician called D. R. Kaprekar was thinking of a process of subtraction. subtract any number that does not have the same digits (1111 does not work, 3418 does for this operation) than rearrange them from greatest to least (3418 would become 8431) so 8431 that’s out first number than we reverse it so our equation would then become 8431-1348, so what does that have to do with 6174? Oh it has everything to do with it let’s look at his operation.

5200 – 0025 = 5175 nothing yet
7551 – 1557 = 5994
9954 – 4599 = 5355
5553 – 3555 = 1998  we are waiting
9981 – 1899 = 8082
8820 – 0288 = 8532
8532 – 2358 = 6174 it’s the first time
7641 – 1467 = 6174 and it’s the second time we actually see this number!!!

See the mystery behind this number. Now, to any random person like me who doesn’t understand math you might think this “yeah so what!?” To mathematicians this is strange.

Number 4

    Like 7, 4 has numerous of weird facts that come up all around you. Here are some of them:

  1. 4 is the only number in English that have the same amount of letters as its name. I tried to find another number but it doesn’t word out.
  2. The ancient greeks believed they found 4 elements: earth, air, fire and water.
  3. The word four sounds like the word  for death, so many Chinese hospitals have no fourth floor and people are aloud to delete 4 from there house numbers.
  4. This is the 4th thing you will be reading about 4s
  5. All vulgar words in the dictionary have 4 letters.             

Number 11

    11 is known as the “victory number”. You might think “why?”. Your in luck because I’m here to give you the answer. On the 11th month, on the 11th day, on the 11th hour world war 2 ended. This is when the United States and many others won the second world war.

   And their are soooo much more mysterious numbers if you want a part 2, comment down below!