The Nutcracker Field Trip


Lola M. and Erin D., Staff Writers

The Nutcracker is a ballet with a wide variety of versions.  Ballet schools and professional dance groups perform it. The fifth graders are going to see this ballet on December 7th. Ms. Mann is organizing this field trip. We are going to interview her to see what she thinks.

Question: “Why did you decide to have this field trip that the 5 graders go to see The Nutcracker?”

Mrs.Mann:  “There are a lot of beautiful pieces in The Nutcracker, it’s a great way to teach form in music and It’s also a great way to introduce ballet.”

Question: “How did you come up with this field trip?”

Mrs. Mann: “We tried going to the Chicago Symphony but it was far away and there is a lot of traffic, so we wanted to find something closer to home. I love the fact that some of our students are in the production.”

Question: “How many years have you been doing this field trip?”

Mrs. Mann: “ This is only the second year doing this field trip.”

Question: “How did the fifth graders like the field trip last year?”

Mrs. Mann: “ Last year the students were very positive about the experience after we were done.”