A Q and A with Mr. Janisch

Josie K. and Ishika M., Staff Writer

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Question 1: What is Your Favorite thing about being a gym teacher?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite thing about being a gym teacher is seeing the kids having fun in his gym class, and when they are learning the skills he has been teaching them.


Question 2: What is your favorite sport to teach 5th graders?

Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite sport to teach fifth graders is floor hockey, because everybody likes it and they all have a lot of fun playing it, both girls and boys!


Question 3: What’s your favorite story to tell your students?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite story to tell his students is about the chipmunks, and watching them grow into becoming bulldogs (The story is, each grade 5,6,7,8 is a different animal. 5th grade are the chipmunks, 6th grade are squirrels, 7th grade are badgers, and 8th grade are bulldogs!) It took Mr.Janisch a whole year to come up with the best animals to consider each grade!


Question 4: What’s your favorite color?


Response:  Mr. Janisch’s favorite color is blue.


Question 5: What’s your favorite song?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite song is  Record Year, By: Eric Church.


Question 6: What is your favorite sport?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite sport is golf, but he hated it as a kid!


Question 7:  What is your favorite season?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite season is fall because it’s cross country season, school starts, football season, and great weather!


Question 8: What’s your favorite holiday?


Response: Mr. Janisch’s favorite holiday is Christmas.


Question 9: What is your favorite book?


Response: Mr. Jsnisch’s favorite book is the Bible.


Question 10: Would you rather be a chipmunk (a fifth grader), a squirrel (a 6th grader), a badger (a 7th grader), or a bulldog? (An 8th grader)?


Response: He likes all of them equally, and for different reasons, but he would like to be a chipmunk, because everything is new, and he loves to watch them grow.


Question 11: What is your favorite moment in sports?


Response: The miracle on ice, where the USA hockey team beat the Russians in the olympics. (The Russians were undefeated). He was in college!


Question 12: What is the most memorable moment in 2018?


Response: Coaching cross country, and watching all the runners having fun, and coaching with Ms. Star, Mr. Mendrakla, and Mr. Considine.


Question 13: Why is Michael Jordan the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) and not Lebron James?


Response: Michael Jordan is the ultimate basketball player because he made everyone around him better.


Question 14: As a kid what was your favorite sport to play and why?


Response: Football, because all the neighborhood kids would be organized into teams and they would play in the snow, go on their bicycles, and play in snow  forts!


Additional comments: He loves teaching Middle school kids in Roosevelt, cross country, girls volleyball, and boys volleyball.


Thank you for reading our interview with Mr. Janisch. Go Bulldogs!! And join cross country!


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