All About Bunnies

All About Bunnies

Ishika M.

I know they’re cute! They really are, but there may be something you don’t know about them. So let’s go through these things and learn more about bunnies!

Fact 1#: Bunnies are not rodents. Bunnies are actually part of a group called Lagomorpha. This is a common misconception about bunnies because of how they look, especially wild bunnies.

Fact #2: Bunnies should not be kept in a cage 24/7. In fact, a home bunny needs 1-2 hours of play time. Learn to spend time with them and learn about their personalities, and take them out of their cage. I have a bunny and from my experience, they love playing and chilling out with you!

Fact #3: Bunnies are not starter pets. This is a misconception because they’re small and live in a cage. Bunnies actually require lot’s of care and attention. Be sure to give your bunny a healthy & happy life.

Fact # 4: Rabbits have a different sleep cycle then us they are crepuscular, which means they are most active around dawn and dusk, so try to play with your rabbit at different times.

Also, if your rabbit is in this position it means it’s As you see ears and eyes are still alert, but the body is stretched out in a sleeping position. Also don’t be surprised if you see your bunny sleeping with its eyes open.Thank you so much for reading!