Caroline G. , Staff Writer


Almost every school has a mascot, but what are the most popular mascots? We put our heads together and came up with the top three; Bulldogs, Eagles, and Wildcats. Why are those three so common?


According to the number one most common college mascot is the bulldog! There is 15 schools that just use bulldogs and some more that use variations like University of Western Illinois is the Leathernecks. Bulldogs even represent our school spirit, why is it so popular? They represent everything a team needs, toughness, really likeable and very athletic and a strong body! Even though they are small and short they can run up to 15 mph!


Northwestern wildcats, Villanova University wildcats, and of course the East High School Wildcats from the famous Disney movie, High School Musical. Wildcats are fierce and can run up to 30 mph on average. Bobcats have very sharp senses which players want so they can be aware and have good reflexes. The same website also said that Wildcats are the fourth most common mascot, with 10 schools.


The bald eagle is the nations emblem so it would make sense that it is a popular mascot. They want to be patriotic. Bald eagles also symbolize courage and being fierce. Eagles are also very strong and fast. Including variations like Marquette’s ‘Golden Eagles’, there are 15 schools that use Eagles as their mascot.