Super Smash Bros. Poll Results

Super Smash Bros. Poll Results

Sofia C. , Staff Writer

Remember those school announcements about a Super Smash Bros quiz!? That was for this article! Shocking!! Well thanks to the information I got on the survey, I was able to make this article about the character that YOU choose in Smash might be because of your personality and traits. (And yes I actually used the poll for most of the information on this article.) Inspired by Game Theory’s “you are your character!” I wanted to make an article about it!

Back to the poll… since 54 people voted I thought it would be interesting to show what people voted for! 



  Top 3!

Kirby: 18 votes #1, Pikachu: 12 votes, #2, Samus: 9 votes, #3


Most males voted, but females were close behind and there were some people who preferred not to say gender.


5th graders were the biggest voting percentage


Experience with smash

Who will not be included

    If you put Mii Fighter I am sorry MII fighter (or mii in general) is not in this list. there are so many combinations of MII in smash I wasn’t able to put MII. I really appreciate the explanation why! (I’ll write an article about MII later.)

    If you put in “Bayonneta sucks she doesn’t even deserve a tier”, she is also not on this list mostly because you wrote an “I hate this character” thanks anyway it really gave me a good laugh while reading! (Bayonneta red what the heck!)

    Meta knight will also not be included because whoever chose meta knight only chose meta knight because he is OP. Not helpful in this situation. (He is also fun to play with try side B in flat zone X while playing with your friends you’ll smash EVERYONE)

    Rosalina and Roy will also not be included I couldn’t find enough information to be able to please the majority even though these 2 were popular, I couldn’t make ends meet.


    Every person is different there is bound for something to be incorrect. I am not a psychologist or a video-game-know-it-all. (Some of these characters were new to me) so if I have offended your culture, beliefs or anything else or misunderstood your favorite VG character,I would like to apologize from the start! Thank you!!


   Each character has a picture choose the character that you are drawn to and read the description underneath. It’s that easy!


    If you chose ganondorf, you like power! You admire ambition and strength! You are the type of person to not hate main villains and think they are cool. (Ganon as terrible as he is, is actually really cool)you are a patient person willing to sacrifice speed for power. You might find yourself being mean to others or wanting to really badly.


    If you chose Samus (p.s Samus is not a man she is a woman!) you like heavy armored characters with gadgets underneath. You are also unpredictable and intimidating because no one knows what you are going to do next. You also are against stereotypes (or not, then again some of you thought she was a guy) you are a mechanical person (you like cars tanks etc) and find gadgets more interesting than hand to hand combat.


    If you choose zero suit Samus you are quick. You are quick to make decisions. You like to break through the trends and make your own rules. You are also an impulsive person. (Sorry if this is incorrect Z.S.S was one of the more difficult ones) you are a boss person who is breaking what society thinks about you and others. You are rebellious but you are more accepting to change and accepting to others opinions.


    If you chose Pikachu you like to keep it simple and not think too much about making decisions. You like to choose things that you already know exists. You can sometimes be stubborn when making decisions with a group. You don’t like change the thought of moving to a new city, changing schools or even changing where your desk causes you a worry. Due to this you are genuinely smart! Knowing that you like something that already exists you also like fact that also exists.


    If you chose captain Falcon you like strength and power and admire it. You like strong characters. You like to take risks in order to succeed or get what you want. You may also be a bit of a show off, showing off strength, talent etc. thanks to that you are social wanting to show the world what you are made of.


    If you chose Zelda you are social person. You are also a defensive person. You are creative and wants to be known. You are creative and smart you are the person people count on. Though you are friendly and smart you might get cocky and selfish when life doesn’t go your way.

    If you chose link you are courageous. You are a strong person able to withstand pressure, internally without making a big fuss about it even if you hate it internally. You are prepared to win no matter what happens. Not only are you prepared to win you know how to. You are not someone who doesn’t think too long about making decisions. You like to keep it simple.


    If you chose Ridley you like monsters! You like scary movies and may or may not like Metroid prime. Dragons are your thing! Cute and tiny things like Kirby aren’t your thing you like big scary monsters like Ridley!


    If you chose Ryu you like martial arts and fighting in general. You are ready to fight back when you have to and can be a little rebellious. You can fight without planning weeks in ahead. You can be social and serious, but overall you value strength more over everything else (friendships and family come first)(I know that’s cheesy but it’s true)



        If you chose Kirby you are creative and kind. You are different and outgoing. You are generally unpredictable. You are weird in your own special ways! That’s basically it!


       If you chose Ike you can be a great hero but can also be a grumpy, rebellious person. due to that you might get cocky and selfish. And get yourself caught up in a bunch of problems. You are the kind of person to start a project and never finish. Back to the hero part you are most probably the most talked about in your grade because “ They ran a mile in 3 minutes” or you get the point. If you are not popular you most probably want or wanted to be. Here’s a tip popularity sucks, don’t do something against your morals if you don’t want to. Especially for popularity. And if you’re popular most of us envy you.

If you chose ROB you are a troll who really likes frustrating/annoying your friends in games or in person. You are the kind of person who likes technology and everything that has to do with it. You like keeping up to date, (or not) you like being social. You think for the future more than you care for the past. Watch out because due to that you might repeat the same mistakes.



    What video games article do you want to see next? Open this link to vote! Whichever one wins you see next! (If it doesn’t work just write down what you want in the comments)


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