The So-Called Zebras

Ava F., Staff Writer

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      In Cairo, Egypt,  a zoo disguised 2 donkeys as zebras, or at least tried to.  A visitor, Mahmoud Sargon thought that something might be off about the zebras. He was suspicious, but the visitor still informed a local radio station that the so-called zebras were in fact zebras.  A veterinarian, M. Samy noticed a few things that weren’t quite right about these “zebras.” First off, zebras have a black nose and much smaller ears than the ridonkeyulous imposters, with large ears and not a black nose. No one really knows why the Zoo tried to play these donkeys off as zebras but most likely that really wanted some zebras and this was as good as they were gonna get.

    The poorly disguised donkeys were painted with black and white stripes that were smudged and wiped away in some places. Zebras and donkeys are both part of the horse family, Equidae. Although donkeys are apart of the Equidae they look nothing like zebras. They have brown and grey coats most of the time, not black and white stripes like the zebras. Zebras also are are taller than the posers.


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