Could Aliens be trying to contact us using radio bursts?

Ava F., Staff Writer

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Radio Bursts

Fast Radio bursts are an unsolved space mystery. This phenomenon is caused by a high energy astrophysical process that has not yet been solved by astronomers. The first radio burst was found by Duncan Lorimer and a student of his in 2007 when they were looking through archival pulsar survey data. They are just brief pulses of radio waves coming from many, many light years away. We don’t know what causes them but we do know that only 60 of them have been detected and not a single one till now has been repeated from the same exact place but that changed on January 9, 2019.

The “Message”

Scientists in Canada discovered a Radio burst that repeated itself twice in the exact same location. According to my sources, it was recorded by McGill University on January 9, 2019. Many believe that this could be a coded message sent to us by “Extraterrestrials”. Others believe it could be neutron stars or blackholes but I like to think that they were aliens trying to communicate with us. What do you think?