Grease is the Word!


Lola M. , Staff Writer

Roosevelt Middle School is putting on a musical called Grease. It is about a group of  high schoolers in the 1950’s. Roosevelt’s production is based on the movie but does not have the same scenes.  About 33% of the school is involved in the musical!

Kids in school: 669

Kids in chorus:62

Kids in dance troop: 46


Greasers: 11

Set movers: 3

Runners: 3

Captains: 2

Student director: 1

Sound: 2

Photography: 1

Light board: 2


Set movers: 3

Curtain: 1

Props: 2

Costumes: 2

Usher/greeter: 2

Make-up: 2

Cast: 19

All: 226

About 33 percent or ⅓ of the school is involved in the musical  

I think Grease will be a big hit. Here is a interview of Mrs. Woolley:

How do you feel about Grease? It’s a really fun show, there are a lot of kids in it and I love the songs.

What’s your favorite part? I love that we have a big dance troupe this year. We have a big dance in the middle together.

What’s your favorite song?  I like songs with a lot of harmony.  This one song Freddy My Love because it has a three part harmony. I love it when kids sing harmony.

How was it different from the movie? This performance is written for middle and high school because the movie is written for adults. Some parts have changed be more appropriate for the audience.


   And that’s all folks. Thank you!