Breakthrough: A True Story


Audrey K., Staff Writer

On a cold Missouri day, John Smith and two friends were playing on a frozen lake. They posed for a picture, and then all three fell through the thin ice of the lake. 2 teens managed to cling to ice or swim to shore. But for John, he didn’t have that good luck. He fell through the ice, and moved away from the hole. The first responders came 5 minutes after the fall, and it took them 10 minutes to find the teen.

       The above average human can only hold their breath for 4 minutes, and survive without oxygen for 5-10 minutes.John spent 15 minutes underwater and had no pulse or heartbeat for 45 minutes. The first responders did CPR for 15 minutes and doctors at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital did it for 27. After that, Joyce Smith, John’s mother, was taken into the trauma room to say goodbye. The mother started praying.

    Seconds later, John’s heartbeat was broadcasted to the doctors standing nearby. The next morning, John opened his eyes, and 16 days later, he went home. Most people who spend that long without oxygen suffer brain damage. But John suffered none of that.  John lives in St. Charles, and still plays basketball.

    The movie Breakthrough is coming out around Easter. It tells the story of this miraculous teen who spent 15 minutes underwater, and survived to tell the  tale. As John puts it, “God wanted me to live.”

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