Home Economics-Roosevelt Should Have It!

Home Economics-Roosevelt Should Have It!

Sophia M. and Addison M. , Staff Writers

Do you like Home Ec? Our principal, Mr. Garstki, thinks it could be a good idea for everyone to learn how to clean clothes, bake, do the dishes, budgeting, etc.

If you don’t know what Home Ec is, we are here to explaIn it to you. Home Ec is a class that you take in middle school and high school. They teach you how to sew, bake, clean, and how to manage your money.

When you get older, Home Ec will help with everyday life tasks, so instead of not knowing what to do, Home Ec will help you figure everything out.

Sophia and I sat down and had a conversation with Mr. Garstki. He said, “Home ec is important. Computers were more important at the time that they switched home ec to stem.” He also said that, “Home Ec was useful, but you can’t just buy all the materials needed for Home Ec after having STEM for lots of years.” Finally, he said that when he went to school there was a stereotype that had girls doing all the inside work and the boys do the outside work. So, STEM would get the girls involved in building, math, and science.

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