A Life Changing Film

A Life Changing Film

Anja H. , Staff Writer

CHICAGO- On Wednesday, April 3, disability advocates gathered in celebration to watch a film made by one of their own to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. Piss On Pity is a film detailing the origins of disability rights group ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together). The film was shown at a premiere that doubled as a fundraiser to raise money for ADAPT’s upcoming Spring Action taking place in Washington, DC. As someone who was there, let me give you a behind the scenes look at one of the most entertaining fundraiser of our time.

4:45-  I arrived extra early to help set up the ADAPT merchandise that was for sale outside the theater. I was very excited to read some of the messages on the shirts such as “ Do you even roll, bro?”

5: 00-5:45: A  top secret meeting for all ADAPT members. I can’t say TOO much about it considering it is top secret, but there were tacos involved.

6:00- The movie begins and discusses ADAPT”s high’s and lows from chaining  themselves to buses in Denver, and I personally felt the struggle that they had fighting with the federal transit association. All at the movie felt the suspense of trying to get the Americans with Disabilities Act (basically the Civil Rights Act for people with disabilities)passed.

This film really mattered to me and I was inspired by the origin story of one of the deepest most hardest fighting and advocacy groups in all of America