The Food Chain and Endangered Animals

Anna D., Staff Writer

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Animals all over the world, in every environment are going extinct. You may think that going extinct is bad enough, but every animal that goes extinct affects everything. For example the great white shark.  The great white eats the seals which eats salmon. If the great whites die off the seals have nothing hunting them so they eat a lot of their food, salmon. The salmon becomes close to extinction and the food that the salmons eats shrimp, population rises. Now people who eat shrimp will have a income of more shrimp and let’s say that the amount of shrimp consumed rises. So more fishers hunt shrimp which bring the shrimp population down.

Another example is lions. If the poachers in Africa start madly poaching lions the population will go down. The antelope which is eaten by lions will go up and the plants they eat will go down and so on and so on.

As humans we need to help make sure that the food chain stays intact. Many ways we can do this is by banning shark fin soup which poachers slice of sharks fins and toss there body’s back in the ocean to die. We can also donate to animal saving organizations.