Eragon Book Review

Eragon Book Review

Anna D. , Staff Writer

Do you like fantasy and adventure? Then the book Eragon is perfect for you.

Eragon is a poor farmer boy who loves in a small town called Carvahall. One day when he is hunting he finds a weird stone in the forest. The stone turns out to be a dragons egg and Eragon has to raise the dragon named Saphira. When creators working for Gabloax, the ruler of the area come to look for Saphiras egg, they end up killing Eargon’s uncle and Eragon is thirsty for revenge. Eargon and Saphaire go hunting with a storyteller named Brow to hunt down the creators.


Don’t read if you haven’t read the book.




Some highlights of the book is when Eragon and Saphira fight in the battle against the Urgals. The author did a great job of planting a vision of what was happening in the book. Author also sped up and slowed down certain parts of the book that seemed the most important to him. Another highlight of the book is when Eragon found Saphira’s egg. The author creates a vision and realization that a egg appearing out of nowhere is extremely rare even in the Spine. Also when Eragon mentions where he got the stone, you can tell the fear that springs up from the tale.


Some parts of the book where very bad. The author really like to have people talk for quite a long time. People long for action, so certain parts of the book make you just want to put it down and move on to another part. Another bad part of the book is when Eragon blacks out. It makes him seem small and helpless when he is just the opposite. Eragon should not be blacking out so much.


In conclusion there are many good and bad parts of the book Eragon but hopefully if you make it through the more boring parts, you can see a very good written book, that is full of surprise and adventure. I hope you enjoyed the book Eragon.