The Truth about Anxiety


Nicole L. , Staff Writer

The feeling of anxiety’s much different than the mental disorder. Anxiety by itself is a fairly natural and harmless feeling. However, when the emotion goes past a certain point, it becomes a mental disorder. Mental disorders are harmful and need to be treated once identified.The four most common types of anxiety are Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), Social anxiety, Specific phobias, and Panic disorder. GAD is when a person feels anxious most of the time and worries about many different things. Social anxiety is when someone has an extreme fear of public embarrassment. People with this condition have a hard time talking with other people and doing things in public. Specific phobias are pretty self explanatory. It refers to a specific fear that someone with the condition will avoid at all costs. Two examples are going on airplanes and needles. Lastly, panic disorder is a condition in which you suffer severe panic attacks. It is a combination of extreme anxiety and physical anger. If panic attacks occur at least twice a month, the condition is classified as panic disorder. 


Although anxiety is a severe condition, it can be treated if caught early enough. Through a series of talking therapies, anxiety can be treated psychologically. There are also medical treatments as well.

Everyone is susceptible to mental illness, but we are most vulnerable at ages 15 to 24. In Australia, one in four people experiences a mental health condition.

I hope you enjoyed this article and now know more about anxiety.