The New Orchestra Teacher

The New Orchestra Teacher

Audrey K. and Paula M. , Staff Writer


 Not many of us know an instrument. Most of you probably don’t know where the band room is! Some of us know that Mr.Acevedo (nicknamed Mr. Avocado by his beloved students), our loved orchestra teacher, recently changed schools. But, we did a little digging around and found out: why he left, who is the orchestra teacher, and what she is like. 

Why We Said Goodbye

Mr. Acevedo was a very good orchestra teacher and he made orchestra so much more than (Noun) a group of instrumentalists, especially one combining string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections and playing classical music. He was cool and sarcastic, and he was always ready to solve your musical problems. Countless times, We did not understand anything. We understood it after he explained it to us. After finishing our ode to Mr. Avocado, we will tell you the reason he left.

He left because a position was open closer to his home. He was very sad to leave us. “I do not make this decision lightly,”  as he said in his letter to the children of the orchestras. 

We hope he is enjoying the shorter drive and the new school. 

Mrs. Minish

We started this interview with a classic question: What is your name?  Then it escalated into a whole new world as we got to know our new orchestra teacher.

 She says she has taught at, “4 schools in total.” She has taught in the Chicago Public schools and  District 93. She has been teaching for 15 years in total. When asked about teaching stress, she replied, “ I think every job has stress.” 

She plays 12 instruments altogether, starting the violin in 4th grade. She remembers storing a piano for a friend when she was younger. She reports that experimenting with the piano had been her first musical instrument. “ I remember going over to the keyboard and trying to figure out songs on the piano.” Even though she didn’t have lessons, she still counts it as her first instrument before learning the violin.

 “If I have to choose a favorite, it would be the violin.”  She learned all the string instruments in college and had to learn the band instruments shortly before teaching. When we asked her what she would like most about the job, she responded: “ I am most excited about teaching the student and working with them!” And we are very excited to get to know you more and learn about music in your style. So in conclusion, welcome to Roosevelt Mrs.Minish!