How to be Productive 

How to be Productive 

Penelope K. , Staff Writer

How to be Productive 

     Are you the type of person who procrastinates when you have homework to do? Or are you that person who forgets to bring your homework home and don’t realize it until too late? Do you want to be more productive on a tight schedule? 

What procrastination will do to you

     Procrastinating can make you feel stressed because you have been on your phone or iPad for the past hour and you still have a speech, math homework, and a Social Studies project due tomorrow and you still have to practice an instrument, shower, walk your dog, and your bedtime is 9:30, and it is almost 8:00. You have an hour and a half and hour to finish up everything before bedtime. This is around the time you will start freaking out. 

What to do if you procrastinate 

Based on the scenario above 

  • Do assignments that are due tomorrow first and 
  • Do assignments in class order
  • Don’t do assignments that are due later in the week 
  • Put away the electronics or anything that distracts you from finishing your school work
  • Work at a place that you will work at productively (a desk)

How to be productive when you don’t procrastinate 

  • Do assignments ahead of time
  • Work on assignments due later in the week
  • Work with a friend (don’t chat a lot)
  • Write assignments down in an assignment notebook
  • Turn in assignments on time

How to be productive on the weekend

  • Finish homework as soon as possible 
  • Don’t leave your homework off until Sunday at night to do it
  • Leave your homework in a place where you will find it

What all these tips can or will result in

     All these tips (listed above) can or will result in higher grades, more sleep, less stress, and of course productivity!


Procrastinate:delay or postpone action; put off doing something

Productive:producing or able to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities

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