Chicago Teachers go on a School Strikes 

Chicago Teachers go on a School Strikes 

Penelope K. , Staff Writer

 Have you heard? Recently, as of Thursday, October 17, Chicago Teachers are going on a strike, and they still are, as of October 28.

     This strike is happening because their unions failed to settle a deal with the City Hall. Although the city has offered the union members a 16% raise over 5 years and some new benefits, they are continuing to fight for smaller class sizes and staffing levels.


     A class size in Chicago for a kindergarten is 28 and through fifth grade it is 31. Sometimes a kindergarten class might have 32 kids. If it does, according to the last contract, the district must provide an additional teacher assistant. The union wants to lower the cap. size to 20 for kindergarten, 24 through first to fifth grade, and 28 for middle and high school. They also want to introduce a financial penalty to enforce those limits, in which teachers receive $5 a day per student exceeding the class size limit.

     Yesterday, as of 10/23/19, Presidential Candidate, Senator Warren went to Chicago to support the teacher’s strike. Her campaign is focused on investing in public schools and ensuring every kid in America has access to high-quality education. She has also made a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa.

     The effects of the strike on the students is that they have been out of school for a week or so. This being said they will have more school and a shortened summer. More days of school will be added to replace the missed days of school and the first day of school will not change.