Christmas DIYs


Penelope K. , Staff Writer

Why bother buying Christmas gifts and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars when you can just D.I.Y your gifts!?


     D.I.Y (ing)(which stands for Do It Yourself) can save you a lot of money that you usually use and spend Christmas and Birthday gifts for family and friends. D.I.Y started in the 1970’s and some said it started with the pink movement of the 1970’s. D.I.Y (ing) is more heartfelt than a gift bought from target or some other store. It can also be fun and relaxing to do and fills your time if you have nothing to do over break.


What gifts can you D.I.Y?

  • Christmas desserts and or food 
  • Ornaments
  • Coasters
  • Clothing
  • Pot holders
  • Bags 
  • Just about anything

     Above are some of the 85 examples of things you can D.I.Y. You can see the rest of the examples by going to:


     Most of gifts that you can D.I.Y, the supplies don’t cost much and you can probably find them locally at Target or the Dollar Store for a cheap price. Also the D.I.Y’s you receive will most likely be able for you to use (and reuse) and last for a long time.