DIY Candles

DIY Candles

Ishika M. , Staff Writer

IM D.I.Y’S: Ideas for cool and easy homemade diys

#1: Homemade Candles

To make:

  • Crayons of any brand
  • Pot and two smaller pots
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Matches/lighter
  • Empty mason jars
  • Candle Wick 

To Do:


  1. Turn on your stove. Set to medium, and make your double-boiler. To make it, fill the pan halfway with water and place two smaller pots on the water surface (Look below for example).
  2.  Fill one tiny pot with a teaspoon of coconut oil and one with a teaspoon of beeswax. Let sit for 2-5 minutes or until it melts. (Look below for example.)
  3.  After you let it sit and cool, turn the heat off and take out the double boilers. Mix both together thoroughly and split it into 4 cups (Look below for example).
  4. Now, for the fun part! Pick 4 crayon colors. Take off peeling and break into small chunks. (Look below for example).
  5. Grab a blow dryer to melt the mixture together. Mix with a wooden dowel thoroughly. Make sure there are no un-mixed bits. (Look below for example).
  6. Grab your mason jar and candle wicks. Hold the wick in the jar at a 90 degree angle while slowly pouring in the candle mix. Pour and repeat. (Look below for example).
  7. Once you are done with the first color, let it dry and repeat. (Look below for example).

Let it sit and dry for as long as it takes. Every mixture is different. Light your new creation, and voila! 


Thank You!