8th Grade IDU-Compassion Counts: Op Ed

Anja H., Staff Writer

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Please note : These opinions are mine alone

Last June, the district’s eighth graders participated in a weeklong experience titled Compassion Counts.  This experience focuses on local efforts to make the community a better place.

Today I’m giving you my opinion on one of the sections in this experience, Accessible Parks and Playgrounds  This section of the program specifically focuses on the requirements for an playground to be  considered accessible to all and a comparison between “ accessible” and “ regular” playgrounds. 

However, before I formulate a final opinion, let’s talk to the teacher that runs this section of the program. Ms. Epstein, 8th Grade Writing Teacher.

AH: Hi Mrs.E

Ms. E:  Hi!

AH: Can you tell me a little bit more about your section of the program?

Ms. E: Sure! Our program focuses on the comparisons of accessible playgrounds to regular playgrounds and how to make them more accessible

AH: My final question is: Do you think people with disabilities should have peers compassion or their respect.

Ms. E: Both!

End of Interview

My final opinion is that, I do truly appreciate that this program is teaching students about disability awareness, and accessibility. 

(If you’d like more information talk to one of the 8th grade teachers)


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