Book/Binder Holders

Ava M. and Avery M., Staff Writeres

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To make book and binder holders you will need headbands and duct tape. These holders help a lot especially when you have to many things in your locker.

1. Cut the headband. It doesn’t matter what color or style the headband is as long as the headband is stretchy. We bought ours at the dollar store.

2. Cut pieces of duct tape. Two long pieces, 8 short and skinny pieces, and as many more as you need to hold your stuff. You can also use any other material you think might work, such as magnets and sticky tack.

3. Stretch your headband a few times to loosen the band up. This helps the band become more stable and flexible.

4. Tape the headband on a diagonal on the top or bottom shelf of your locker. Before you tape the far right corner tuck the headband into the crease. Tape away!

5. Put your stuff in your locker behind the headband. Then do a drop test. If the stuff falls or the headband breaks and comes undone, retape it with more duct tape and do the drop test again.

Finally, put the stuff for your next class in front of the band. You’re done!

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